New! Ethernet Power Controller 5 Used nationwide in datacenters, air traffic control E-911. Dual 15A inputs, battery backed up server. Automatic reboot. Scripting language. Eight switched circuits, 18 outlets, WiFi, HTTPS, scripting, surge suppression, double grounding & more.
Improved! Web Power Switch 7 Simple, easy-to-use web interface. Easy to customize. Powerful, reliable. 10 outlets, 8 switched circuits. Includes surge suppression. Program, web, or automatic control. LCD and keypad provide status and local control. Most cost-effective and best selling web switch ever. Over 100,000 in use! Ships overnight. Risk-free trial!
Powerful! Smart Switched POE Injector Power and Reboot for APs, IP Cams and VoIP
Smart POE injector powers and controls any POE device. Eliminates outages by automatically rebooting unresponsive devices. Provides clean, well regulated power. Includes battery backup and 4-way surge supression. Available in -48, 24V, and 15V. Ships now. Free Trial!
New! 120-208-240V Power Switch 1U Rack-Mount Smart Switched PDU
Ideal for datacenters. Compact 1U rack switch uses C-13 outlets. Universal voltage - perfect for 208 and 240V applications. Controls and reboots servers and routers automatically. Adds reliability. Eliminates on-site service calls. Rock-solid reliability. $295. Quantity discounts available.
Telecom Ready -48V Power Controller -48V DC Distribution with AutoPing Reboot
Safely reboot -48V telecom gear. Dual 50A A/B bus inputs, eight switched battery circuits. Safety breakers on all circuits. Redundant power to internal web server. AutoPing reboot. Dependable and reliable. Call now (408) 330-5599.
Improved! DIN Relay III Web Controlled Power Relay
Remotely control, reboot, or sequence any divice. Simple web interface. Universal AC or DC operation. Eight individual circuits. AutoPing. Low power. Rock-Solid reliability.
New! Automatic Transfer Switch Redundant AC Failover
Maintains 100% uptime. Switches instantly between grid, UPS, solar and generator power. Solves brown-out problems.

Smart Power Control - Quantity 10 Discounts!


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